Sunday, October 21, 2012

Long Time, No Write

I have neglected this blog for far too long.  Sorry 'bout that.

The last couple months have been busy. Good busy.

School began in August for Kaiya and me.  My job is the same crazy, exhausting, loud, sometimes embarrassing song and dance it always was.  I love teaching.  I don't love grading and parents and the occasional inappropriate haiku read aloud in Creative Writing, but I love teaching.

Little Miss Kaiya is going to preschool two days a week and loving it. And I love picking her up and hearing about who played with whom and the entire plot line of the story book "Miss Amy" read that day.  She is so excited to be learning her letters and it's cute to see how proud she is when she recognizes them.  She's obsessed with rhymes and always asks me which words rhyme with which.  We may have a little poet in the making :)  She also brings home the cutest little projects; it's hard to determine which Elmer's glue/sparkles/construction paper gems to hold on to, especially considering that we still have a whole other year (or 15 years) of this.

Once school was a few weeks underway, Brad and I took advantage of a freeish trip offer to Cancun. (Brad is a stud and makes friends with the right people, I guess!) It was kind of bad timing, but we couldn't refuse. We invited Brad's parents and ended up spending a week at a posh resort and touring four nearby Mayan ruins: Chichen Itza, Ek Balam, Tulum, and Coba. The trip was absolutely amazing and I ought to write about each sight in more detail but it would take way too long. Hopefully this slideshow will suffice...

We booked our tours with LDS guides and it was well worth it. It really is fascinating to compare Book of Mormon stories to Mayan legends/ceremonies. Again, I should be giving discussion of this vacation more time and effort. Oh well.

Hmm... what else? We spent an evening in Payson Canyon a couple weeks ago to see the pretty leaves changing colors.

These two (Tahsha and Kyle) got married last week...
accompanied by these two...
We couldn't be happier for the whole Wilson family.  Kyle has been like a brother to Brad for over twenty years and it's so good to see him happy.  And Tahsha is a freakin' rock star, by the way. 

And here's a random shot of Ben sleeping in his favorite place. Under his bed. It totally freaked us out the first time we couldn't find him at midnight.


LEE BIEN said...

I LOVE your Mexico pictures and didn't realize you were allowed to climb some of the pyramids. So jealous! So happy you were able to have a wonderful time. I also loved being able to watch your kids and have sleep-overs with Kaiya. "Let's talk about let's talk about lies."