Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thanks, Brad!

I've been wanting a jewelry armoire for a long time but had a couple obstacles. 1) I don't have room for one in my bathroom and I'm not planning on moving any time soon 2) I've never loved my bedroom furniture and didn't necessarily want to spend money on something that matches it.

I finally decided just to buy something that I like, that would kind of coordinate with what I have. My bedroom furniture is that log furniture look (I think it's pine?), so all the edges are obviously rounded, but the surface is finished and glossy (apparently most log furniture isn't). I knew I needed something dark brown, but everything I found was pretty boxy and too modern-looking to "work". It took a while to find one that I liked --that was actually in my price range-- but I finally did!

I do feel a little guilty for being so weirdly picky about it, because I guess I scared Brad into giving me money for my birthday instead of picking one out himself. I still consider it a gift from him, though. Anyway - here's the result:

Ya - that's the catalog picture, I'm too lazy to take my own.

Fun huh? I didn't realize I had so much jewelry until I organized it all in there this afternoon. Maybe having it accessible (instead of thrown in multiple boxes in my hosiery drawer) will help me remember to wear jewelry more often.

p.s. Kaiya's new big girl bed bedding came today! She was actually pretty excited about it and kept making a little bed for herself in its box, pulling the covers up over herself, and telling me "night night". She cracks me up.

I'm excited to create a new room for her and then work on a new nursery for the baby, whose bedding was also delivered this week. How perfect is this boy bedding, by the way!? I promise I'll post real pictures as we get the furniture moved around and whatnot.

p.p.s. Brad was giving me crap for buying the bedding for both rooms before we even have furniture for Kaiya. But I told him that Lindsi Gabler says to start designing a room around the bedding. I'm so glad I did! And I feel like both pieces give me a lot of colors and textures to work with. (I love Kaiya's crib bedding, but it kind of limited me on the rest of the room.)

K, I'm done typing now and hopefully I'm done spending money for a while.

Monday, June 14, 2010

It would suck to need this.

I was looking at double strollers online and found this beauty. I can't help but feel bad for the mother whose litter would necessitate a four passenger stroller. Quadruplets? Two sets of twins? Just plain crazy enough to have four kids in four years - on purpose?
I just realized that that last one pretty much describes my mother (four kids in five years, anyway), who then tacked on two more a few years down the road. Really, Mom? Really??

My arms are sore just thinking about pushing this thing around the block. Another part of me is sore just thinking about pushing..... never mind.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

best birthday present ever

I was lucky enough to have my 20 week ultrasound on my birthday yesterday. It is so relieving knowing that my little buddy is healthy. It's also pretty relieving knowing that we don't have to stress about "trying for" a specific gender at any point in the future, because

It's a BOY!

I'm still processing... Brad and I both kinda' thought I was cooking a little girl in there.