Sunday, June 28, 2009

BOAT is a four letter word

I'm looking out the window on this fine Sunday afternoon and I'm seeing two of my neighbors' boats glistening in the sun. Brad and I have talked about how we love boating and would love to own a boat. I can just imagine us gliding across the romantic water, sipping on something that has a little umbrella in it, and of course, I would be wearing a wide brimmed, Pretty Woman hat (but I'd also be able to stay up for more than 90 seconds on a wake board when called upon). Everything seems so glamourous.

But then, common sense kicks in. 1)Where would we store it? HOA rules forbid us to park it outside... plus that's kind of white trash. 2)How would we tow it? I don't want to drive a truck and I can't afford an SUV. 3)Besides the obvious lack of funds to purchase a boat, how could we afford the upkeep? The gear? The gas? The insurance? 4)Even if I moved, bought a new car, and came into a bunch of money, I'm still pretty sure this would happen if I was given the keys.

So, I think we'll settle for making friends with our neighbors.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Four Generations

Alicia already put this picture on her blog (since she actually remembered to take pictures in Washington and I am lame)... but I like it.

p.s. We still haven't gotten our new couches and won't until mid-July. Serves us right for buying them on the black market.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A few things I've realized this summer

Coca Cola plus cold pizza equals favorite breakfast.
Daily shampoos are overrated.
As is yardwork.
To-do lists are second to Buffy marathons.
I'm scared to check my school email account.
I was kidding myself when I bought that treadmill.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

bittersweet vacay

I'm writing from Washington where Kaiya is sick. She threw up all over Doc Harris Stadium last night at graduation and has alternated between sleeping and crying all day today. She doesn't have a fever but she doesn't have an appetite either. We'll see how she does tonight and we'll probably overpay for an out-of-network doctor tomorrow. Boo.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Our first week at home

Kaiya is amazing. She's sitting up and eating solids and shrieking embarrassingly loudly. I'm excited for what this summer will bring. Sorry about all the pictures... I honestly don't know what else to do with my day.

Sweet potatoes. Funny girl.

Please excuse the drool-covered dress.

She was pretty excited when her foot finally reached her mouth. (If she turns out anything like me... I'm guessing she'll put her foot in her mouth often.)

I bought her this wicked cool toy but her hands are too small to pick up the animals. Oh well. She still likes to watch me push them down the slide.

And I had to include this picture because her smirk looks just like Brad's.