Friday, April 22, 2011

I'll never ___________.

wake up the first time my alarm goes off

wear Crocs

cook a decent pot roast. And forget about the gravy

go bra-less

dress my son in jeans for church

remember how to spell sheriff

remember how to spell license

read a book or watch a movie with "Latter-Day" in the title

not brush my teeth before going to bed

stop drinking Coca Cola

be confident in a bikini

pay for acrylic nails

text my students

stop secretly liking Britney Spears

be able to dress my husband

take (and share) pictures of my kids' poop

watch Jersey Shore

There are more. I just figured I ought to get these ones in writing.

Monday, April 4, 2011


I love Disneyland. I get so giddy every time I walk in those gates. This year was no exception. How could you not see this image and fall in love? We got to spend five days in The Magic Kingdom this year with our friends, Kyle, Denell, and Delaney Wilson (who ditched us about four years ago to live in Arizona). Kaiya LOVED every minute. And Ben was, well, Ben. He was perfectly content to hang out in the stroller and smile. Unfortunately, this is the only picture I have of him. And it's taken with my camera phone. Sorry buddy. This trip was quite different from past ones. While we still rode Space Mountain and Indiana Jones (my favorite!), we spent most of our time meeting characters. Primarily, princesses. We did the Royal Coronation twice, where Kaiya got to dance with Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and Snow White. She was in heaven.

I am so impressed with the way these princesses talk to kids. Everyone we met was so quick to crouch down to Kaiya's level, talk softly, ask questions, and stay in character. It really made it so "real" and special for her. And it makes waiting in line for an hour (almost) worth it.



This is our only family picture. Sad, huh? I'm a little disappointed that they couldn't find a cuter Ariel. Sorry... but this girl has got to be related to Walt Disney somehow.





Woody and Jessie

And the man of the hour, Mickey Mouse!

We were also entertained by Captain EO. Well, I was. Kaiya wouldn't keep her glasses on.

And both kiddos took lots of stroller naps.

Some Disneyland employee directed us to VIP seating for the fireworks show, simply because he thought the girls were cute. As always, the fireworks were amazing! As was the World of Color show!! Too had I didn't get any pictures of that.

Oh yeah - I guess in the midst of all this, we rode some rides too. Kaiya is still talking about the "silly pirates" and "riding in the boat with Daddy". I'm not sure which boat she's referring to. Peter Pan? Small World? Storybook Land? I guess they're all pretty awesome.

Until next year!