Thursday, December 31, 2009

okay, so it turned into two posts

Kaiya looked so cute all bundled up to go deliver neighbor Christmas gifts. I just had to snap a picture.Anyway - on to Christmas morning - Santa brought Kaiya this awesome table and chair set. She was so excited when she came into the living room and saw it. I love it because it reminds me of the one that we had growing up.It's a good thing she got that practice opening gifts on her birthday; she had it down for Christmas. But, she still preferred to play in the boxes.
Around noon, we headed over to Brad's parents' house for Swedish pancakes (a sacred Walker Christmas tradition that I am so stoked to be privy to) and more presents. Every year gets crazier with all these kids running around AND I LOVE IT!!

This wasn't planned... all the kids (minus four-month-old Vance) were fighting for a seat on Marsha's lap. I thought it was so cute. And of course, as soon as Kaiya saw the camera, she turned on her cheeser.

Well - that's it for 2009!

just one last post before the new year...

I thought it might be good to get some birthday/Christmas photos on here before 2010 sneaks up on me. Kaiya turned ONE on the 18th and was an absolute doll. We were lucky enough to celebrate the day with all of her cousins, most of her aunts and uncles, and Nana and Papa Walker. Kaiya loved the presents (and the "help" opening them), the cake, and of course - the attention!

I bought her this little outfit months ago... good thing it still fit. Barely :) ... showing off her new BeanLee (from Megan and Scott) and coat (from Dee Dee). This smile kills me. All night she would look around the room, make eye contact with someone, and turn on this "cheeser". She is so freakin' funny.Presents, presents, presents.She seemed to have more fun sitting ON the boxes than she had opening them.

The cake eating process started out very civilized.

Cutlery was involved at one point....Until Kaiya realized it was easier to eat it with her hands...And then Scotty started playing tricks on her...

And then Daddy encouraged her to rub her head... Pretty soon it was bad news all around.

And.... done.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2000-ish, revisited

I know that I need to document Kaiya's birthday... but I've decided instead to focus my efforts on much more pointless banter.

I have spent Kaiya's nap perusing my journal from high school (a sidetrack from cleaning out the office closet) and I've found some entries that are pure gems. Everything in pink is copied directly from the worn, tear-stained, obviously overused memento from my adolescence.

I am getting a kick out of the occasional artistic depiction ("Here is a pic of my Snoball dress"), reference to some pop song ("So there's this Tim McGraw song that TOTALLY expresses what I'm feeling right now")... followed by the complete lyrics. There was also some Poison, and some O-Town among others). Then of course, there are is the hilarious phrasing...

"I hard-core cleaned my room last night."
"K but seriously - I want to write about ___ - (not like I don't write a mother load about him anyways)"
"I freakin' butched my hair off yesterday & I am a cross between a mom, a pixie & a dike"
Yes, I have since realized and repented for the misspelling and the bigotry.
But my favorite findings of all involved my choice of expletives.
"Holy f*ing sh*tballs"
"Let's just say, ___ is full of a lot of BULLSH*T"
Apparently, spelling swears phonetically or replacing vowels with asterisks doesn't count as swearing.
There is also a certain girl to whom I referred often, including her "middle name" that I gave her. Which was spelled using a PH instead of an F... you get the idea. Hey, it was alliteration.
Anyway - I doubt that any of this is half as funny for you as it is for me... and I'm sure that in another ten years, I'll read this blog and once again laugh at my immaturity and idiocy. But hey, at least I'm ensuring myself years of entertainment.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

I think her toes were cold.

Apparently I wasn't paying enough attention to Kaiya this morning while I was on the computer. I turned around and found her IN the heating vent. She was pretty excited about her new seat, though.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday = White Christmas

You couldn't pay me to brave the stores today. Nope - I'm staying in. And I have these guys to keep me company...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Dream is a Wish...

I saw this bed at RC Willey and I've never wanted to be spoiled rich girl so badly.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mrs. Featherbottom?

Markelle and Brent's party was - once again - amazing. We went as the Funkes. (Anybody who is familiar with Arrested Development will think we're funny. Everybody else will think we're weird.) Brad was the sexually confused Tobias, I was Lindsay, and Kaiya was Mr. Banana Grabber.... I may have bought her costume in the pet section at Target.By the way... little did we know that Brad's BFF in DC would put an even better spin on the character (check him out here). Sorry Travis - I didn't even ask for your permission to link this, but I just figured that exhibitionists like attention.On Tuesday, Laurel, Alicia, and I got together and attempted a Halloween photo shoot with the kids. Luckily, Val loaned my sister some costumes, so Kaiya could don something other than Klan-reminiscent fruit. She does make a pretty cute witch. Check out Jacob as a dragon! Their costumes (and the props) proved themselves to be a little distracting... Here's Isabel showing us her "guns".Ya - she knows how cute she is.What? Are the kids supposed to actually look at the camera in a group photo?

Friday, October 23, 2009

when I dip, you dip, we dip

Jason and Steph bought a new boat and let us help them break it in last weekend in St. George. Of course, we hit up Nielsens Frozen Custard and Kaiya helped herself to Brad's bumbleberry concrete.We spent two days out on the lake. Kaiya was not a fan of her lifejacket. Okay, so this one needs some explanation... I was trying to get her to fall asleep, and I didn't want her to get sunburned in the bow, so... VOILA! I put Brad's tee shirt over her lifejacket and his baseball cap on her head. I thought it was working because she didn't move a muscle for at least twenty minutes. (Yes, everyone made fun of me, and yes, she was breathing.)

Then Brad came to sit by me and started laughing... TOTALLY AWAKE. And for some reason reminding me of an Ewok?Anyway - Brad got his turn on the air chair and I wakeboarded for the first time in years and sucked it up. (Only nobody loved me enough to take a picture.)

I heart Fall Break.

Gardner Village

Alicia and I hung out at Gardner Village on Wednesday with the kiddos. Kaiya and Jake are only four months apart and they are so cute together. (Just like George Michael and Maeby.) They kept reaching out to grab eachother from their strollers.Too bad Kaiya wouldn't keep this BeanLee on her noggin. In the rest of the photos, the sun is glaring off her peach fuzz.We finally let them out of their strollers and let them explore this deck. They were hilarious.
Alicia and Jakey...
Kaiya and me...