Monday, December 27, 2010

It's been a long December

I just got crap from my mom about my month-long absence from the internets. It's been a busy month and I will attempt to summarize it in as few pictures as possible. (Especially since we still have Christmas photos to sort through too.)

This is how Kaiya sleeps pretty much every night. It's a little ridiculous; each doll needs covers and a kiss goodnight from us. This particular night, Kaiya arranged everybody on her pillow, then got really worried and asked Brad, "Where do I sleep?" He made her some room.

A couple days later, she thought Ben needed a sleeping buddy as well.

Here's a photo from the crazy snowy days we had last week. This is the sidewalk in front of our house, and Kaiya is sporting this winter's BeanLee from aunt Megan. I LOVE IT!!

We invited the families over for Kaiya's second birthday on the 18th. I can't believe she is already two!! She is getting so big.

She got some help opening gifts from her cousins. Between both of our families, Kaiya now has eight cousins under the age of five. It was a zoo! (In a good way!)

Brad found this play kitchen on the KSL classifieds, along with some other great slightly-used play furniture, which we saved for Christmas. We repainted it and added some new coordinating knobs. It turned out pretty good and she's obsessed with it. When we brought her into the toy room to see it, she went nuts opening and closing all of the doors.

It came with some dishes and cookware, and she also got some toy food. The best part was when Papa asked her to cook him breakfast. She looked around and proclaimed, "I need food!" There was "food" - but it was all still upstairs - so we had a good laugh when she left the room and came back in with two Cokes. How fitting that they were the first inhabitants of her little fridge.

We scored with this little chair and ottoman too. It will make a phenomenal addition to our theater room.

Stay tuned for Christmas photos of my kiddos in matching jammies. We had a blast celebrating with Jake and Sarah at my parents' house.