Friday, January 20, 2012

Christmas 2011

I swear, Kaiya was happy Christmas morning. I toyed with the idea of doing her hair, but I figured it was funnier to showcase her morning do. The poor kid looks like this the majority of the time.

Christmas sure was great this year! Marsha and Andy came over to see the kids open their presents in the morning, we attended church, and then went over to the Walkers' for our annual Swedish pancake inhalation.

Kaiya got a princess scooter and Ben got a basketball hoop from Santa Claus. FYI, That misshapen blob on the love seat behind Kaiya is a loaf of bread from Mrs. Claus's bread machine... my daughter seriously asked Santa for two things this year: a piece of bread and an airplane. He didn't disappoint :)

This was the only present Ben really cared about unwrapping: the chocolate Santa from his stocking.

Christmas morning aftermath. Ben was SO entertained.

Here are Ben and Papa after brunch...

Obviously Ben was a bit too focused on his toy here; you gotta love an awkward picture!

p.s. I never did find my copy of White Christmas. I feel like I've betrayed my heritage in some way by not watching it once in 2011. I promise I'll buy a new DVD this year.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Christmas Preview

Hot Diggity Dog!

Kaiya turned three just before Christmas and we celebrated at a Mickey Mouse birthday party. We had Mickey cupcakes, rice krispies, and ears for all the cousins (we're up to eleven, btw). I am so grateful to have such a supportive family - we had all of our Utah family here for the big day. I love knowing how much my kids are loved!

Brett and Robyn had a contest to see who could draw the better Mickey on their cards... I don't think Kaiya cared.

This Barbie car was the hit of the party (thanks Alicia)

it is now parked beside this,

in Kaiya's room. Don't worry about Benzilla climbing into the second story.

I can't remember why Vance isn't in this photo... but I wanted to try to get a shot of all the crazy kids in their ears. (Some were more cooperative than others.)

Megan outdid herself with Kaiya's new beanie. Check out the built in Minnie ears! A--wait for it--mazing.

I love love love this picture of Ben with Scott and Megan.

And now that it's January, Kaiya is a bona fide Sunbeam. She was a champ on Sunday in Primary, not the least bit scared or sad. Brad and I were sitting on the back row (he was helping me with my six year old class) and Kaiya turned around to give him a huge grin and a thumbs up! She also volunteered to help lead two songs. I don't think there's a shy bone in that girl's body :)

more Disney

I know I just posted Disneyland pictures, but these ones from December are too good to pass up.