Sunday, October 21, 2012

Benjamin is TWO!

Ben is obsessed with Disney's Cars and Thomas the Tank Engine, so after looking at some ideas online (and not wanting to compete with this), I decided on a Cars themed birthday party this year.  It turned out pretty cute and was surprisingly easy to put together.  I am a little proud of the invitation.

Alicia and Blaine couldn't make it to the party, so they came to visit earlier in the day to deliver Ben's gift.  He is pretty excited to have his own Thomas, but not nearly as excited as Jake was while giving it to him. It was like he was initiating him into his club. The whole scene was seriously adorable.
 Ben was moving around so fast during the party that most of my pictures are blurry or just plain awkward.  But the food table held still :)

 Here's one of several shots of Ben getting plenty of "help" opening gifts from his cousins.
Brad and I gave him a train table for his room (we were kind of sick of tripping over the tracks he puts together around the house) and it is a total hit.  I love this picture of all the kids getting in on the action.  Kaiya helped me put it together and was so proud to help us carry it up the stairs for the reveal.
Laurel and Alicia did most of the work on this racetrack cake.  It turned out SO well and only looked like boobs a little bit :)

I can't believe how old Ben is looking and acting. He's talking so well and tries so hard to be one of the big kids. He remains a total sweetheart and I don't know what we'd do without him.  Happy birthday little man!!


Alicia said...

This party is adorable! I love your cake and only wish I could have seen it better in person. Well done. I love that little boy of yours.

LEE BIEN said...

You Lee girls knock yourselves out when it comes to birthday celebrations. Your party was equal to your clever invitation. And let's talk about Ben. I love that precious boy.

Travis said...

All Access Pass, eh? Does this mean attendees got to inspect Brad's latest efforts in home safety? Only guy I know that buys a five-foot gun safe for one pistol. ;)

Scott and Megan said...

we were sad we missed this partay! something about having a job? we worked til 8. but u know we adore our lil benny boo boo!