Monday, February 28, 2011

My Buddy

"Wherever I go, he goes..."

I never did have a My Buddy growing up. (I did have a Kid Sister. Her name was Heather and she was kind of the bomb.) But I sure am loving my newest buddy, Ben.

He had his four month checkup last week, and I can't remember the exact numbers, but I do know that he's 50th percentile for weight and 75th for height. I guess he does have some Lee genes after all! He's healthy and strong and meeting his developmental benchmarks. But he did have to get some immunizations. It was actually kind of cute -- when Ben got his shots, Kaiya sympathy-cried longer and louder than he did. She didn't want the nurse hurting "My Benny". Ben, on the other hand, was back to his smiley, happy self in no time.

I don't know how I got so lucky!

We celebrated Alicia's birthday last week up at her house in Taylorsville, and Ben was LOVING Megan all night. He would just light up and giggle whenever she talked to him. It was so cute!

I couldn't decide which one of these with Scott and Megan I liked better. You pick.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

the latter

There is a fine line between being blunt and being bitchy. I just realized that I've long since crossed that line. I'm sorry and I'm working on it.

Friday, February 11, 2011

As of late...

Ben is getting so big and is such a sweet baby. It's amazing how much his personality is already showing and he's only four months old. He's pretty much adorable; he loves being sung to, his binkie (I finally found one he'll keep in), his sister, and being held up against my shoulder. He lights up whenever we talk to him. I have yet to capture one of his BIG cheesers on camera, but I'll try harder.
He also loves sleeping with Kaiya's dolls. This is turning into a regular occurence.

Kaiya is keeping us on her toes. I wouldn't say the twos are "terrible"... just messy. All I do is clean up after her. She got into our playing cards a few weeks ago and now we have a face card/Uno/Phase Ten/Five Crowns basket that I don't think I'll ever get around to sorting. Especially since most of them are now torn or partially digested. Anyway, her hair almost fits into real pig tails (it's possible with a lot of hairspray and a few barretts) and I'm excited at the prospect of taming the fro.

I'm so glad I finally took pictures of this. Whenever Brad goes for a run, Kaiya "stretches" with him beforehand. She's actually getting pretty good at it. See for yourself.

By the way, I have since replaced that mirror in my entry way with a huge, rad, round one. I think I'm in love.

Benjamin Rawlins Walker (officially)

Brad blessed Ben at the beginning of January, and we had some friends and family over after the affair. I love getting everybody together!! I'm not the most attentive hostess, but my fridge is always open if you're willing to get your own drinks :)

Laurel and I decided to have Ben's and Scarlett's blessings at the same time, so that my parents would only have to make one trip out. It worked out really well. K - it was really more like controlled chaos - and I loved every minute! Here are some photos from all the shenanigans.

I'm not sure whose idea this was... but Koben ended up tied up with yarn and Kaiya was walking him around the house like a dog. He thought it was a good time.

A couple more shots of guests... we figured we had about 50 people in our little house! Ca-razy.
Here's Amy, my kids' surrogate mother. I don't know what I'd do without her!

Allyn and Marsha. I love this picture - they're like this all the time.

Scott and Megan: Kaiya's spoilers.

How cute is this picture of Vance? He is such a stud.

Thanks to everyone who came to support Ben and put up with my blubbering. We are very very lucky to have such amazing friends and family!

As promised

I just realized I never posted these cute pictures from Christmas morning. Here ya go.

Kaiya crawled in next to Ben in his new gym.

She likes to give kisses... he doesn't really like receiving them. Check out poor Kaiya's hair. It's such a mess ALL THE TIME! I blame Brad's genes.

And since it's way too late to document our whole trip (since it WAS two months ago)... here are some highlights:
Ben's first bath from DeeDee (This was obviously taken before I figured out the red eye thing on my new camera.)

And a shot of my girlfriends and me at dinner. I miss these girls!! Mandy, Jessica, Lacey, and Ashley, you wanna' move to Utah? It's wicked awesome, I swear.