Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A series of firsts

This was the first time we put Kaiya in her exersaucer and the first time she really laughed uncontrollably.

This was Kaiya's first Easter. (I have yet to take pictures of her in her pretty dress... I'll get to it.) I love this picture because a) the Bumbo is funny, b) Kaiya has drool all down her onesie, and c) she looks like a Kempton.
This was Kaiya's first trip to Washington (we went last week for spring break) and her first bath from Dee Dee.

Look how happy she is!!

This is her "what the hell?" face. So funny.

Matt is so cute with his neices and nephew.... all babies love Matt!

This picture is just pretty.
And last night Kaiya had her first rice cereal meal. I think she only successfully swallowed one bite. I gave up and just mixed some in with her bottle.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Endangering lives one mile at a time.

Those of you who have been lucky enough to see me first thing in the morning, during allergy season, know that I can’t see you. My eyes get so puffy that it looks like I’ve been beaten by a Chinaman. And then got turned into a Chinaman. It takes a good half-hour for the swelling and irritation to go down enough for me to put my contacts in without crying.

Anyway, I woke up late this morning and had ten minutes to get Kaiya and myself ready. I had to take her to Grandma’s house in Spanish Fork and be to work by 7:30. I forewent my shower, hurried and got dressed, threw my glasses on, woke my daughter up, and figured I’d do my makeup in the car. Clearly, I didn’t think that one through. How do you put on makeup while wearing glasses?

I ended up applying makeup in a moving vehicle without the benefit of clear vision. (At least I dropped off my baby first.) I realized my stupidity mid-foundation and put my glasses back on. Good thing I didn’t hit any of those blurry areas with lights in front of me.

p.s. I just reminded myself of the time that Buster Bluth accidentally flirted with a “brownish area with points” when he wasn’t wearing his glasses. Hehe.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I tried to find a picture of that scene in What About Bob when Bill Murray uses Baby Steps to "untie" his "knots" and shouts "FREEEE!!" (that's me trying to type a voice inflection). I couldn't find it. But this picture equally expresses the elation I am feeling right now.

Today I finally paid off my student loans! I've been giving UHEAA (or as I like to call them, "The Man" or more appropriately, "those bastards") half of my paycheck for, well, way too long. I'd tell you, but then you could do the math and calculate the embarrassing amount that I owed.

I'm so excited! I still get my full paycheck until September (when I'm going part-time at work)... so in the meantime, what should I do with all this extra moolah?? New furniture? New TV? New Fence? Blow it all on hats?

p.s. Don't say "put it in savings". That's what Brad said and he almost lost a testicle.