Saturday, February 25, 2012


Kaiya is on a regimented diet and exercise program... okay, so she just joined in on Brad doing P90X while wearing her usual dress-ups. This particular ensemble cracks me up; Tinkerbell complete with a purse, gloves, and pearls. We're averaging about six costume changes a day around here lately.

I went to a conference last weekend and came home to Brad and Kaiya asleep on the couch. How either of them could actually sleep like this is beyond me. (And did you notice the Rapunzel dress?)

Ben is finally starting to talk. One of his favorite words is "choo-choo", so we've been playing with a lot of trains lately. (Too bad he thinks anything with wheels is a "choo-choo".) He also says "ya," "uh-uh," "Die-uh," and "muh" - which I thought was an attempt at mom, but is really just the word he uses when he wants something. It's crazy how old he is starting to look. He's definitely not a baby anymore.

Lastly, I think I've finally finished my TV stand. I put fabric along the back and bottom panels of the shelf to give it more color. I also got cuter baskets and decided against leaving the top empty after finding this super cute tray and finial at Target. Kaiya is obsessed with the bird figurine, however, so he's usually not in his perch.

Doesn't the white look awesome? I still kind of wish I'd done it blue... but I think the fabric inside is a good compromise :)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Did It Myself

We inherited this old dresser from Brad's parents; apparently it was part of their first bedroom set. (I so wish I had a before picture of the grainy walnut color and scrolly brass hardware.)

Anyway - I painted it black and used it in the guest room for a few years. But when we got a new TV but couldn't afford a new TV stand last fall (at least not the $1000 one I had my eye on), it made its way upstairs.

After a few months of still not being able to afford a new TV stand (it sucks to have expensive taste without the means to satiate it), I decided to give the old girl a makeover. I've seen a lot of people modifying old dressers for TV stands on the internets lately, and thought I'd give this whole DIY craze a try.

I wanted something like this...

Or like this...

And after some minor hiccups, I ended up with this...

It's not perfect. Up close the wood stain on the white paint just kind of makes it look dirty. And I still need to fix a couple spots and put on a coat of poly. I also need to sew some cute blue fabric liners for the boring baskets. (I was experimenting with some ribbon when I snapped this picture with my phone.) And Apple needs to release the new Apple TV so I can get rid of the bulky, eyesore XBox :)

But overall, I can't help but be proud of myself. I love the way the white color brightens up the room and contrasts with my super dark couches. I love that I don't feel the need to put any decorations on top of the dresser; I love simplicity! And of course, I love that I completely changed the feel of my living room for less than a Benjamin Franklin. I guess I can't complain about that.