Friday, July 31, 2009

Air Chairin'

Brad's friend Jason owns a boating company (charters/rentals/etc.), and treated us to a quick outing on Utah Lake yesterday morning. I think my highlight was when Brady said, "Go ahead and open your eyes under water, Jason. That's a good way to get an infection. Or a superpower." (Anyone who has wiped slime from his/her body after swimming in Utah Lake gets me here, right?) Then there was a pretty animated discussion involving what Utah Lake Man's powers would be, including shooting sludge from his fingertips. Ya, we're dorks.

Anyway - I forgot to bring my real camera, so this is the most decent shot I could get with my phone camera. Brad is seriously hilarious on the air chair. I don't think I've ever seen anyone more giddy out on the water. I was too intimidated to attempt it, but I do have a pretty wicked sunburn that proves that I was there.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Maria and the kids

I've been spending the last few days introducing Kaiya to my favorite old musicals. Friday was Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and today was The Sound of Music. I had forgotten how good this movie is! Yes, the kids hop up and down steps while singing their respective dos res and mis, and Liesl does exclaim "WEEE" after kissing Ralph. (And while I point out these scenes' cheesiness I admit that they are some of my favorite parts.) But alongside all that cheese is a really heartbreaking story about a family in the midst of Nazi takover. I guess as a kid I didn't really pick up on the serious undertones... I was too focused on trying to sound grown up while singing Liesl's part in the "Edelweiss" duet.

Anyway - I can't stop thinking about the captain's face when he sings about his homeland in "Edelweiss". This is such a pivotal scene. Not only does it show his soft side toward his children, but it creates such sympathy for his situation. I mean come on, this guy was a naval captain decorated by the emperor, obviously affluent, and these German bullies are on the brink of taking everything away from him. By the way... I know that the festival performance is supposed to be the more dramatic scene, but I always think about how everyone in the crowd must be thinking about how p. whipped that Von Trapp guy must be that he's singing in this lame festival with his new, ugly haircutted, wife. (No offense Ms. Andrews but you were much hotter as Mary Poppins.)

I'm sure that Kaiya appreciated the film and is deconstructing its layers right now. Next up: Singin' in the Rain - she and I can discuss the modern applications of the Lina Lamont character in regards to Talent ranking second to Beauty in the entertainment industry. Ooh, and also the Hollywood romance facades cooked up in the name of publicity. Now that is a smart movie.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Brad!

Brad's turning 30 on Tuesday.
To commemorate, I'm making you look at some of my favorite pictures of my amazing husband. I love this guy.

What a good lookin' guy!

I'm not a pet person, but...

I'm kind of cold-hearted when it comes to domesticated animals. The nature/nurture debate double whammied me at a young age.

Nature: I'm allergic to anything with fur. (Bunnies, doggies, Brad Walker.) Scott likes to tell the story about how I hid under my Aunt Lara's bed in a game of hide and seek and my eyes were nearly swollen shut when I emerged. Apparently that's where the kitties slept.

Nurture: Both of my parents grew up with animals, decided against inflicting the accompanying duties on themselves as adults, and coerced us into "liking" fish as pets. I vividly remember watching my mom kick a stray cat. That's right. DeAnn Lee kicked a stray cat circa 1992. Call PETA.

I (usually) don't have anything against other people's animals. I admit to liking Sasha, Frank, and Bronx. I just don't want my own animal. I'll use my allergies as an excuse when Kaiya is begging for a puppy in a few years, but really, I just don't see the point in being a pet owner. I'd rather get a jet ski.

But I digress. There have been a few times in my life when I HAVE truly wanted a pet. And it's no surprise that this temporary insanity has come from movies. Because come on...

Who wouldn't want to dress up her kitty in doll clothes and push her around Scotland in a buggy after watching The Three Lives of Thomasina?? And there's no need to be sad when one's kitty dies, because part of this movie was filmed in kitty heaven and it looks awesome.
And I know that "cats rule and dogs drool"... but who wouldn't want to take all three of these guys home after watching Homeward Bound? If I had a dog/cat, it would totally trek through the wilderness to find me. And it would talk.
Now, here's my point. This morning I watched Marley and Me and I cried like a little girl. For 90% of the movie I was like, "See, that's why I don't have a dog!" (I think I even said that out loud, directed to the TV screen.) But at the end, I was like "Marley is so special! Every family needs a dog. Look how much he loves them. Blah, blah, blah."

Don't worry, I came to my senses when I got mad at Kaiya for spitting up on my newly-washed jeans and imagined how much worse it would be if it were doggy vomit. Or if it were doggy feces all over my carpet and chewed up shoes all over my closet. But for a few brief minutes there, I almost had a heart.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Wait, is that Kaiya? Or is it Brad with a flower on his head?