Sunday, March 30, 2008

Yes, that's where I get my squinty eyes from.

This post is dedicated to my dad, who ironically enough, never reads blogs... but what can I expect? Neither does Brad.

So - I gave the YW lesson today in church, and it was all about fathers and the priesthood. I had to choose my words really carefully, because we have so many girls in our ward who don't have fathers in their homes (it turned out okay, because we really focused on choosing a worthy future spouse, instead of dwelling on current situations)... But the whole experience really made me think. While preparing the lesson, I had a lot of time to reflect on my childhood and the positive example and leader that my dad has always been to me. I guess I just didn't realize how lucky I am.

My dad is seriously the best. He is hilarious. He has this really dry sense of humor, which is sometimes a front for his very deep, very personal emotions. He has always gone out of his way to make all of us kids feel special and loved. He has such a strong testimony of the Gospel. He honors his priesthood and he LOVES my mom.

Oh, and he thinks he's Jack Bauer.

I found this picture while rummaging through photos yesterday, and it makes me smile. I can't believe I got my dad to hold my bouquet... actually, I think we've tricked him into doing a lot of things out of character over the years. Like wearing matching home-made t-shirts to senior/father breakfast, or paying Matt to jump into Lacamas Lake in his underoos (in December), or lip-syncing "Leader of the Pack"... what a trooper!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter in St. George

Brad and I spent last weekend in St. George for a little much-needed mini-vacation. This first photo is Brad at "the crack". I don't know how he talked me into it, but I guess it's fun to squeeze one's body through a claustrophobia-inducing rock crevice.

Andy is a freshman at Dixie, so we spent Saturday with her and her friend Hill in Zion National Park. These pictures are from the Angel's Landing hike... which was much harder than either Brad or I remembered. These are the switchbacks of death!

It's a beautiful view from the top, though!

Now, I won't pretend we exercised the whole time. Everybody knows that our vacations are always centered around food. So we couldn't get out of St. George without Egg & I breakfast (juevos rancheros!) and Nielsen's Frozen Custard (bumbleberry concretes!) at least twice a day.

Anyway - I urge everyone to follow suit and run somewhere warm while you can. I heard a rumor that snow is rearing it's ugly head this weekend. Once again... "lousy Smarch weather".

Monday, March 17, 2008

words of wisdom by Demetri Martin

One of my students gave me list of this comedian's "bits" today... I just had to share a couple.

"'Sort of' is such a harmless thing to say. Sort of. It's just a filler. Sort of. It doesn't really mean anything. Sort of. But after certain things, sort of means everything. Like after 'I love you,' or 'You're going to be fine,' or 'It's a boy.'"

"Some jokes are short and elegant, like mathematical proof or a midget in a ballgown."

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dear Elder

I'm in the process of making a website for Brett (notice the link on the right). It's nothing special... just a place to get his current mailing address and whatnot. I am a nerd, and a copycat of the Makai family.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

"lousy Smarch weather!"

I am so sick of winter. That's all.