Friday, June 8, 2012


I guess this is what I get for ranting about my personal life on a public blog.

I had a dark moment several weeks ago where I was being overly dramatic about my work situation -- which for the most part is awesome -- and made the mistake of sharing online what should have been reserved for a private conversation with my husband. Or a journal. Or a wastebasket.  I really do feel silly about it all now.

The upside is that as a result of my internet word vomit, Brad and I took the time to reevaluate our family and financial situations and goals.  I also had some really good talks with some really good friends and family members who helped me weigh my options.  In the end, we decided to keep doing what we're doing.  Me working part time (two or three days a week) and Brad staying home with the kids on his day off.  Our kids only go to a sitter (usually my sister-in-law Amy, who I am eternally indebted to) one or two days a week.  It is a system that has been working really well the past few years, and after some reflection I feel really good about continuing it.

The downside to the aforementioned post has been a series of awkward comments left on my blog by someone I don't know.  Someone who, although I'm sure she had good intentions, has made some very egregious assumptions about my finances, my priorities, and most importantly my spouse.

To the mysterious commenter,
You admitted to not knowing me well, so I'm assuming you don't know Brad either.  Therefore you have no idea how hard and how long Brad works.  Brad takes pride in his business.  He loves serving those in our community at their greatest times of need, and those times are rarely between the hours of nine and five-- which, for the record, he's already working. Taking on another job would be impossible for him.  But what's more important than technicalities of scheduling is the fact that I don't want him to.  He's already out of our home 60+ hours a week; why would I send him out more?  I want my children to continue to have a good relationship with their father.  Now, Brad's career will never make us wealthy and we're okay with that.  So if that means I sacrifice a couple days a week to help us out, so be it. And I happen to love my job (with the exception one weird day in April).  I get to spend my days at work with amazing colleagues and hilarious teenagers.  I do an important job and I do it well.  I realize I'm tooting my own horn here, but I like knowing that I make a difference in the world... both inside and outside of my home. Admittedly, sometimes I feel torn between two worlds, but most of the time I feel like I have the best of both.
Please don't think us to be unwise stewards. We try to live within our means. We make ends meet. We're self sufficient. We're comfortable with the budgets we have in place.

To be frank, I erased your first comment because I was offended.  I have since erased your others because they're ridiculous.  I can't believe you're cataloging and casting judgment on what you assume to be my expenses. You have no idea how much money comes into and goes out of my home, and you have no right to know.  As I have no right to know about yours.  

I'm not trying to make an enemy and I know that wasn't your intention either.  I really do appreciate your concern and I'm grateful to have support, however misdirected.

For the record, I don't plan on bringing this up again and I hope you follow suit.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

It begins...

Kaiya had her first dance recital last week and it was adorable. I love everything about this picture...I'm pretty sure that Kaiya (second in from the left) is looking for us in the audience.

The thing about three and four year olds at a dance recital is that maybe two of them actually dance. Kaiya was not one of those two. She mostly just swayed awkwardly, tapped her toes occasionally, and grinned. And I couldn't be more proud. Brad gave her a pink rose afterward and she couldn't have been more thrilled.

Yes grandmas, we have the whole show on a DVD.  And yes, we will make you watch it.

summa' summa' summa' time

The past two weeks (since my temporary emancipation from the high school) have been a riot. We've spent quite a few afternoons with the Richardson cousins running through sprinklers,

improvising our own water slides in the yard (check out Isabel and Kaiya stealing sips from our Cokes in the background),

and playing with the new teeter-totter. I love Ben's sad, looking for anybody to play with, face in this picture.

Isabel came through :)

We spent last weekend with the Lillywhite kids while Amy and Frank were out of town. Let me tell ya', spending four days with five kids is all the birth control I need.  I'm so not ready for another child.

Ava was my little helper. She is definitely the ringleader of the group with her big imagination.  Here she is playing at "The Costco Park" in Spanish Fork.
Kaiya was not cooperating with the camera. 

It's a little embarrassing that out of all five kids, she is the hardest.  Maybe that's why I don't want a third child right now... if I could be promised another Ben, I'd be in; it's those Kaiya genes that scare me a little. Of course I wouldn't have her any other way, but Brad said it best when he described Kaiya as being "the product of two stubborn asses reproducing".  Yep. That pretty much sums it up.