Friday, October 23, 2009

when I dip, you dip, we dip

Jason and Steph bought a new boat and let us help them break it in last weekend in St. George. Of course, we hit up Nielsens Frozen Custard and Kaiya helped herself to Brad's bumbleberry concrete.We spent two days out on the lake. Kaiya was not a fan of her lifejacket. Okay, so this one needs some explanation... I was trying to get her to fall asleep, and I didn't want her to get sunburned in the bow, so... VOILA! I put Brad's tee shirt over her lifejacket and his baseball cap on her head. I thought it was working because she didn't move a muscle for at least twenty minutes. (Yes, everyone made fun of me, and yes, she was breathing.)

Then Brad came to sit by me and started laughing... TOTALLY AWAKE. And for some reason reminding me of an Ewok?Anyway - Brad got his turn on the air chair and I wakeboarded for the first time in years and sucked it up. (Only nobody loved me enough to take a picture.)

I heart Fall Break.

Gardner Village

Alicia and I hung out at Gardner Village on Wednesday with the kiddos. Kaiya and Jake are only four months apart and they are so cute together. (Just like George Michael and Maeby.) They kept reaching out to grab eachother from their strollers.Too bad Kaiya wouldn't keep this BeanLee on her noggin. In the rest of the photos, the sun is glaring off her peach fuzz.We finally let them out of their strollers and let them explore this deck. They were hilarious.
Alicia and Jakey...
Kaiya and me...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Random Confessions

Sometimes when I fall asleep holding Kaiya, she gets a pool of drool on the top of her head.

When the ringing phone wakes me up, I practice saying "hello" a couple times in an attempt to minimize my man-voice.

Every once in a while, I just give all my students A's on their papers and call it a "present". Really, I just don't feel like reading them.

Sometimes when I'm sleeping in on a day off and I hear the garage door (meaning Brad's home unexpectedly), I hurry and jump in the shower so that my husband will think I'm somewhat productive.

I've been known to buy new underwear instead of just doing the laundry.

I have totally scared myself (like, screamed out loud scared myself) in the middle of the night by catching my reflection in the mirror and thinking I've seen a ghost. Twice.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Do you think Brad will like my sexy bunny costume this Halloween?

I'm so glad that there's an example of how to paint my face if I don't go with the full mask. I would hate to do it wrong and look creepy.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

three wheelin'

The best three investments a girl can ever make:
#1. Black knee boots
#2. A jogging stroller
#3. A husband who jogs

Brad takes Kaiya for a run a few days a week after work and she LOVES it. I might love it too - I get a whole hour at home to myself. It's getting kind of cold, though, so we bundled her up pretty well the other day before they hit the pavement. I'll be so sad when it snows and I don't get my "alone" time anymore. (Is that awful?)

I love her Cabbage Patch Kid smile. Oh, and she's getting pretty good at that standing thing. Last night we caught her one-handed.FYI: Tylenol is good for teething in more ways than one. (Relax. She can't get the lid off. Yet.)