Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas 2012

Christmas Eve
We attempted to teach the Walker grandkids the nativity story by having them act it out.  Ben was uncooperative and the costumes need some work (my fault), but the kids were pretty cute nonetheless.
 Ben cheered up when he got to play with this super friendly golden retriever puppy that my in-laws were babysitting/hiding (he was to be a Christmas surprise for some friends).  What is it about this breed that is so stinkin' cute!?  
 Kaiya decorated some cookies for Santa by emptying two jars of sprinkles.

Christmas Day 

Since we video taped the whole procession, we neglected to take too many pictures Christmas morning.  But here are a couple shots of the magic.  Among other things, Santa gave Kaiya a puppy... as real a puppy as she'll ever get, anyway :) 

 Santa also brought Ben his own little car which he's been driving around the basement for three days (alongside Kaiya on her new birthday bike).  We have about 16" of snow outside, so we just might keep all the new outside toys downstairs 'til spring.

 Santa immediately regretted giving both kids harmonicas in their stockings.  It sounds like Alcatraz up in here.

Kaiya is FOUR!!

Kaiya wanted a Barbie birthday this year, and I spent way too long making this box for all the little guests to pose in for pictures.  It was broken within five minutes. This is the only picture I have and the box is already in shambles. Oh well. 

My camera was out of whack so I only have a couple pictures worth sharing...  Here's the birthday girl on her new big girl bike....
Luckily, I managed to get a photo of the pretty cake.  It turned out perfectly and I still feel super guilty about pawning off this huge task on my big sister.  Thanks Laurel!!

Remember Halloween?

Our little Cowardly Lion and Dorothy rocked the trick-or-treating this year. 

and... the hood remained off the rest of the night
 And for some reason, I'm including this random picture of three kids "helping" me make bread :)