Sunday, July 31, 2011

In a parallel universe...

...I'm pretty sure I'm Idina Menzel.

We went to see her perform with the Utah Symphony last night and I was blown away. I was also riddled with envy. Seriously, how cool would it be to get paid to sing show tunes? Accompanied by a full symphony nonetheless? She sang a few songs from Wicked and Rent but most of the show consisted of really cool arrangements of old songs. It was interesting to watch her completely transition from song to song, really interpreting each song's meaning. The result was truly emotional and unique. I'm so glad we went. It was a perfect summer evening in Park City with some of my best friends. Thanks guys!

Tomorrow is August?

I got my back to school letter from my principal yesterday. It's the worst mail I receive every year, bar none. Why does summer pass so quickly? And who's the liar claiming that summer is three months long? Once August comes around, I'm done for. I will begrudgingly return to work in - count 'em - 16 days. Ouch. But what do you do? I can't complain too much about getting paid to hang out with the two best kids ever every day for the past two months. We've had a lot of fun this summer and there are lots more exciting events on our autumn calendar (our anniversary, a trip to San Fransisco, and Brett & Robyn's wedding to name a few).

Anyway, I figured it was as good a time as any to capture this summer on film... er... whatever the terminology is for digital pictures. I'm happy with the results, but both Kaiya and Ben look so old; it makes me sad.

Check out Ben's stud pose with his legit man-tie.

Kaiya was less than cooperative until the photographer scrounged up this fairy costume. She's showing us her wings...

This picture is for Marsha. These shoes and purse belonged to her mom.

This was the least chokeholdy shot of the two of them together (Kaiya loves her brother a bit too much sometimes), but I love their Walker eyes!

Ooh, one more thing. My friend Leslie helped me make these vinyl monograms for my kids' bedroom doors. I love how they turned out!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

When Daddy's away...

Brad was out of town all week sweating in Havasupai. I'm jealous of the sites he saw... not so much of the blisters and sunburn he received. Anyway, we kept busy while he was gone by watching fireworks with Nannie at Aunt Lisa's, playing on the giant slip n' slide at the Walkers', swimming at Jen's parents', and going to the zoo. Of course, I only remembered to take my camera to the last outing.

We had fun hanging out at the zoo with the Walker cousins. I don't think I'd been to Hogle Zoo since my kindergarten field trip. Seriously. It was way too hot to be traipsing around with seven kids, but we had fun.

I love how Ava and Kaiya are such good buddies.

These photos are from today. Kaiya made this choo choo train for Ben and herself.

Ben has just recently figured out how to pull himself up to the standing position. He is pretty darn proud of himself.

I could figure out which of these I liked best, so I'm pulling an Alicia and posting them all :)

Check out those eyelashes!

p.s. The potty training is hit and miss. Some days --and nights-- are excellent; others are uber-frustrating. I know it's normal, but I am running out of patience. Words of wisdom, anybody??